5 Best IoT Based Projects For Beginners

5 Best IoT Based Projects For Beginners

Interest in Internet of Things (IoT) are increasing day by day. There are Lots of Achievement in various sectors such as healthcare, home systems, manufacturing companies with the Help of IoT.

The global IoT in utility market size is expected to grow from $28.6 billion in 2019 to $53.8 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 13.5% during the forecast period.

So You are also Finding Beginners level IoT Projects Then Check out this list.

1. Face Recognition Bot

Face Recognition is one of the most Treading techniques used by right now. This system is used for various Security like Mobile Face Unlock, facial recognition door lock system and much more.

In this Project, intelligent AI bot is designed to recognize the faces of different people or a single person. You can use Raspberry Pi for Capturing. And then face recognition are Performed.

You can Check out more about this IoT Project Here.

2. Weather Reporting System

This is also one of the best project you can do it. The functionality of this project is to Reporting of weather parameters over the internet. the system is embedded with temperature, humidity, and rain sensors that can monitor the weather conditions and provide live reports of weather statistics.

In this project, the system update the live data with the help of internet. You can see the weather report without doing anything.

The system also allows you to set threshold values and alerts for specific instances and notifies users every time the weather parameters cross the threshold value.

3. Smart Alarm Clock using IoT

The normal clock only use the sound as source to wake up the user. But in this Smart Alarm IoT Project, It can use more then just sound. it can convert into a fully-functional device capable of performing other tasks as well.

For Example Turn on the Lights, Switch of the Fans, etc. You can also set the latest news updates as an Alarm.

4. Health Monitoring System

This is one of the interesting IoT project ideas to create. In this IoT Based Health Monitoring Project you can check the person’s health Activitys. The system will enable users to monitor their body vitals and send the data to qualified doctors and healthcare professionals.

This Application monitor blood Pressure, sugar level and heartbeat also. If something is low or High the system will immediately alert the doctor.

The Simple idea of this system is to take care of your health. It is an Arduino-based project – the communication occurs between the Arduino platform and an Android app via Bluetooth.

5. Smart Garage Door

You can use IoT Technology for controlling and operate your garage door. In this Project, The Door can Open and Close with Automatic System. When car will come the system will detect the car and open the door.

This door also open with Voice Command. So, you can open it by your voide. The smart notification option can trigger alerts in real-time to notify as and when the garage door opens or closes.

This is one of the most straightforward IoT project ideas for you to work on.


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